Under the motto, "MY UNIVERSE IS YOU", Nuno and the SCULPTORS® team bet on the Integral Development of the Human Being, physical, mental and emotional, thus enabling individuals and companies to find their best performance.

A unique and pioneering approach to Human Development. Physical and mental training, combined with nutrition that enhances brain function directed towards the promotion of a certain emotional state, contributes to higher levels of satisfaction, happiness and productivity, enhancing the results obtained.

Through our approach, you will be able to re-value your body, brain and your health as the center of everything that surrounds you and what depends on them, especially on the emotional side. Because TO BE remains more important than TO HAVE.


Daily, many people initiate lifestyle change plans, weight loss programs, or strengthening programs, without proper evaluation. How to respect each one's biological identity and individuality without this assessment? Without even knowing what results you want to achieve? Our team starts by carrying out a complete physical and bodily assessment, identifying not only the levels at which it finds itself, any limitations and other considerations but above all, its objectives so that, together with you, we can create an action plan.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Motivation! Focus! Efficiency! Experience! Knowledge! Corrections! Results!

These are some of the advantages when training with our team of highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainers.

Whatever your goal, the Sculptors team is prepared to conceive and follow a safe and efficient exercise plan that allows you to improve your performance, quality of life, your self-esteem and more ...


Have you ever felt that you are not achieving the desired results? Have you ever wondered why some people get results and others don't? Is your plan suitable for you? Do you have doubts about the plan you should be making? Is something failing and the results are not showing? Has it reached a Plateau and no longer evolves? We have the solution that interests you, Sports Coaching.


Are your employees highly productive? Motivated for the company's results? Scientific studies prove the increase in productivity through the improvement of physical condition. Did you know that 80% of absences and sick leave are due to problems related to bad postures, pathologies associated with physical inactivity and lack of physical and psychological condition in general? Avoid most of these problems through a specific physical preparation and recovery program.

Try to invest in your team and the return will be evident. Schedule now. Bet on preventive health, do not pay the bill for absences, sick leave, substitutions and decreased productivity.

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20 years after its launch, Power Plate is increasingly used by professional sports teams ranging from football, swimming, golf, cycling, American football, rugby and many other sports.

The device that enhances the work done on the ground and with enormous time savings.

Try a session in the format, 15, 30 or 60 minutes


A technique originally used in the medical environment and now applied to sport, as substitution work or, complementary in preparation and / or physical recovery.


Children and young people increasingly love challenges. We therefore promote with these activities, team spirit, reward effort, motivation and discipline in which the delivery and commitment of the participants is always surprising.

From organized groups, schools, town halls and sports clubs, our experience with these groups puts us several steps ahead.

Solutions for groups or individuals with a focus on the objectives to be achieved, sporting, leisure or merely social


Do you think you are too old to train? Physical exercise in old age, as long as it is appropriate to your condition and goals, only has advantages.

It is not a question of achieving a young body, but of improving the mobility, strength, balance and resistance of the organism, with benefits above all, in the performance of its daily activities.


In a pioneering partnership in the Algarve, SCULPTORS® and the Clinica de Cardiologia Gago Leiria have teamed up to fight the death scourge as a result of heart disease.

Thus, and, in addition to the clinical component, the change in lifestyles, both in terms of physical exercise and nutrition, can minimize the risk of incidence of new hospitalization, as well as reduce risk factors to the general population, which are already so well known. and referred to, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, lack of physical exercise and cigarette consumption.

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SCULPTORS® home Personal Training.

Personal Training - Massage - Water Activities - Outoor Programs - Indoor Training - Etc.

Schedule our services now in the comfort of your home, with the company with the best team of personal trainers working throughout the Algarve.

We will make your stay more fun, unique and unforgettable.


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Do you know how important posture is in your life?
Postural changes, or postural deviations, are changes in the spine, represented by abnormal deviations, which may originate not only in the spine but also in the pelvis, knee and foot, which may be of osteo-articular origin or only muscle decompensations.
They usually lead to incorrect compensatory use of other body joints or cause stiffness and shortening of the muscles, since the body seeks compensations to maintain the individual's balance. Postural changes (deviations) can be caused by bad postural habits, muscle imbalances and shortening of soft tissues.


Food has a direct influence on health and consequently on diseases. What we eat contributes to losing or gaining weight, increasing or decreasing cardiovascular risk factors, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and helping to control sugar levels. Nutritional advice is essential in case of food allergies or intolerances (lactose intolerance, celiac disease, for example), helping the patient to identify which foods he can eat. Nutrition has also been important in preventing and stabilizing other diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, lung diseases, kidney diseases, etc.

Schedule your nutritional advice now to help control your weight, prevent and fight diseases or simply learn to eat healthier.

Individual psychotherapy offers people the opportunity to gradually explore their current problems, so that they can better understand their causes.
In psychotherapy the emphasis is placed on becoming aware of the usual feelings, thoughts and behaviors, while building the possibility of responding more flexibly to these patterns. Our team of therapists specializes in different approaches and techniques in individual psychotherapy.